Gratitude: Your complete guide to Living a Fulfilled, Positive Life


Often, it’s that full and happy feeling we get when things go really well in our lives.

It comes with a sense of peace and maybe with an idea that we finally did something to deserve the gift we’ve been given.

We’ve probably all experienced that kind of gratitude at some point in our life. But what if it could mean more than that for you?

There’s evidence to suggest that being grateful, despite your circumstances can improve every single area of your life, and actually brings in more things to be grateful for.

The universe listens when you express it, and responds by providing you with more things to be grateful for.

4 Benefits of gratitude

1. Relationships

Relationships play an important role in every person’s life.

The support systems we build around us say a lot about our attitudes and perspectives. We attract like minded people into our support circles, so experiencing gratitude positively impacts us.

When someone reaches out to you in a time of need, the best support is to help them refocus their perspective towards being grateful. The study revealed that this action makes them feel more loved.

2. Career and Life Goals

Our career and life goals are the direction that path leads toward. We need others to help us along that path, but ultimately, we choose which direction to walk in. So, how does gratitude help us move forward down that road?

One way gratitude can help you further your goals is by shifting your perspective to realize how far you’ve already come.

If you’re feeling stuck or far-behind in your life goals, try refocusing your vision on the past instead of the future.

See the challenges you’ve overcome and the incredible qualities you posses that led you here.

Once you truly see those things, watch how your motivation to continue increases.

3. Physical Health

It impacts your physical health by improving major functions in your body like lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, improving your sleep and even helping you live longer.

scientific studies have proven that gratitude works like a great medicine.

Another way it can impact your health is by changing your attitude and motivating you to make healthier choices. Like we discussed earlier, it changes your perspective and helps you see what you’re capable of and how far you’ve come.

When you apply this to exercise or eating healthy, just imagine the incredible positive impacts it can have on your health.

4. Mental Health

Finally, the biggest way gratitude affects your life is by improving your mental health.

Of course, the state of your mental health directly impacts everything in your life.

If you’re anxious, your life will be negatively impacted by limiting behaviors.

If you’re depressed, the same thing will occur.

What you think influences what you feel, and what you feel influences what you do.

Gratitude, even when it’s tough

When all is going really well, it’s easy to practice gratitude, but that ease can disappear as soon as tragedy or misfortune strikes.

This is why it’s important to make gratitude a habit right now.

I hope this article demonstrates that gratitude is a bright shining light that eliminates shadows and darkness.

If you being implementing a daily practice, right now – today – you will make it easier on yourself to find that light when things become difficult.

Gratitude is magic, and you’ve already got everything you need to start practicing it right now. 🙂

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