How to apply perfect and long-lasting Mascara

Mascara is one thing that every girl needs to have in her makeup bag. It can make you go from drab and dull to dashing in an instant. And eye makeup is never complete without a swipe of the mascara.

Try these different ways of applying mascara:

Avoid clumps: To prevent clumping of the mascara, move your wand in quick horizontal moves while the application, such that the strokes separate your lashes from each other.

Open up your eyes: For a wide-eyed look, don t just apply to the outer edge of your lashes. Start applying from the very root and move your wand straight up till the tip of your lashes.Want to get thicker and longer lashes? Try these tips.

Dust some powder on your eyelashes: To make your mascara remain in place for a long time, and also give the false eyelash effect , apply some translucent powder on your lashes after applying the first coat. Now put on the second coat and see the magic for yourself. Your lashes will look amazingly intense, long and voluminous, just like false lashes! Have a problem with removing mascara? Try this natural way of mascara removal.

Daily beauty tip: 10 smart ways to apply mascara perfectly

When you dip in your wand after opening up new mascara, you are bound to have excess liquid on the wand. Wipe it off on a tissue and then apply your first coat.

To thicken your lashes, apply one light coat of mascara, brush on some translucent powder on the upper lashes carefully and move to the second coat.

Alternatively, you could brush your dry mascara through some translucent or baby powder and dip into the liquid. This will ensure instant volume.

Another way to thicker lashes is by coating them both sides.

Apply the regular mascara, followed by a waterproof one. This makes it last longer and is easier to clean up later.

For a natural finish, apply your mascara holding the wand vertically. The horizontal way of holding it is better for thicker volumised lashes.

Want to make your eyes look wider? Start using mascara from the tip of your lashes and proceed through lightly.

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara.

I prefer this Maybelline colossal mascara which comes in two types-waterproof and washable, so you can choose accordingly. It adds volume to your lashes and makes them appear fuller without clumping even when you apply 2-3 coats. It opens up your eyes and makes them appear bigger too. The bristle of the wand make the application easy and the consistency is also good. You can buy it from here.

More questions? Simply leave them in the comments below! Thankyou !

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