Remove Sun Tan Instantly With Home Remedies

Skin tanning is one of the most prominent skin issues that are faced by people all over the world. In spite of using umbrella or even applying sunscreen, the skin inevitably gets tanned as the sun rays emit ultra violet rays that are harmful. One of the most feasible solutions to this problem is applying face packs that can be prepared at home and are ready-made as well.

Some of the face packs are made from natural products but manufactured under brand names like Body shop, forest essentials and so on. This article throws light on the variety of face packs, some that are natural and made at home, while the others that are available in local stores.

Best Face Packs To Remove Tan:

Here are our 5 homemade face packs to remove tan easily.

Oatmeal detan pack:

Oatmeal itself is an excellent tan remover and mixing it with lemon juice and lemon peel with rose water, works wonders for tanned skin.

Curds With Gram Flour:

An age old grandmother recipe includes a combination of curds with gram flour. This not only adds glow to the skin it is excellent for clearing the skin and restoring the texture of the skin m. It is the homemade face pack for tanned skin.

Aloe vera gel pack:

Aloe vera gel acts like a protective layer on the skin and helps replenish the skin’s natural moisture. It is immensely beneficial for your skin, when you are tanned. Dab on some aloe vera mixed with lemon juice on your face and for better results leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Cucumber milk pack:

Cucumber revitalizes skin, reverses skin tanning and helps in soothing sunburns whereas milk provides with the right amount of moisturization. Just combine both the ingredients by making a cucumber juice and add milk to it and apply it on your skin and leave it on for 20 minutes.

Potato juice:

Potato works magic on your skin in all its forms whether it is peeled, paste or juice. Just blend potato and make a thick potato juice, add lemon juice and apply it on your skin. Leave it for half an hour and rinse off for great results.

Ready made face packs to remove tan:

Ready made packs are available in local stores and chemists. These face packs are made of natural and herbal ingredients and prepared commercially. Three of them are enlisted below:

VLCC Anti tan facial kit:


Get rid of sun tan and lighten your skin with the VLCC Anti Tan Single Facial Kit. It reverses the damage caused by exposure to the damaging ultra violet rays of the sun. By toning uneven skin tone, this facial kit leaves your skin spotless, fair and radiant.

Soultree De tan face pack:


This detan face pack is a natural blend of herbs like mountain rose, lemon peel and oatmeal that effectively repairs damage by UV rays, heals sunburns, naturally lightens tanned skin while hydrating, toning and revitalising skin.

Jovees De-tan face pack:


This special pack uses hydrated herbs which help to protect skin from tanning, remove discoloration caused due to exposure to sun and other polluting agents. The therapeutic properties of the herbs help to clarify the skin and bring glow and sheen to it. Apply a thin layer all over the face and neck. Leave it on for 25 minutes. Wash thoroughly with plain water.

Face packs for tanned skin are found aplenty, it depends on the individual choice and his skin type to choose suitable pack for himself. Homemade face packs are preferred over ready made products due to the authenticity of homemade products.

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