Shubh Deepawali

It’s all about love and longing. It’s all about a small gesture. It’s all about spreading love. It sure does not take much.

Lighting candles or diyas help us move from darkness to light. They invoke goddesses or angels to bless us with divine wisdom which helps us move towards unconditional love.

This Diwali let’s bring the light of unconditional love in our hearts and drive out all materialistic thoughts from our lives. While cleaning our homes, let’s purify our souls. As we throw unwanted stuff outside and unclutter our home, let’s throw our ego, jealousy, anger and all the lower energies out of our life as well.

Diwali is the time of festivity, the time to create joy, a time to welcome Maa Lakshmi and our guests.What can be much better than making Rangoli in Diwali to welcome the divine.Making Rangoli requires only a heart full of love.Diwali is bleak without Rangoli. Rangoli is an expression of our heart.

Celebration of diwali without rangoli cannot be imagine. Every Diwali I love making Rangoli in my entrance🤗

The different colours of Rangoli enchants me. Red , blue, purple, white , yellow are different hues that brighten up the Rangoli.They are like the colours of our emotions , the colours of our life.Each colour is important. I sometimes feel that Rangoli has a secret message to give.It tells us that a single colour in life , a single emotion be it joy only will make life dull.Variety is the beauty of life.Life is full of mixed emotions like the colours of Rangoli.All my heart , pours out with love and respect for Maa Lakshmi as I decorate the floor.Making Rangoli does not require any learning or any art. It is the pure expression of our divinity within, the purity, within, the fragrance within, the love within, the faith within, the devotion or bhakti within.

Diwali is the perfect time to pay obscience to Maa Lakshmi in the form of Rangoli and offer her all our emotions, our joy, our happiness , our sorrow, our worries into her feet and enjoy and feel the bliss of making Rangoli in Diwali.